Sunday, July 22, 2018

Don't Do These Mistakes If Your Smartphone Gets Wet

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Not only in monsoon rain,but at any given moment the danger of dying from the water of the smartphones remains,which can damage your device.Today we are going to give you some of the tips that can be useful to you in such situations-

Don't Dry The Phone With The Machine

If your phone is drenched or wet first thing you need to do is turn your phone off.Don't even by mistake try to dry your phone by machine like dryer.The hot air of the dryer can damage your phone's sensitive body or display.Apart from this,the hot air of the dryer can melt the delicate circuits in your phone.You can use paper towel to dry the phone.

Don't Connect With Other Devices

Many times because of the fear of getting the data deleted,user tries to connect its smartphone to laptop or PC to copy the files.In this case,it could a threat to both your phone and laptop.Wet device can also damage other device.Avoid using any function or button when your smartphone is wet,there is also a risk of short circuits.

Also Save From Wet Accessories

If your phone is rescued from the rain water but the charger or headphone is drenched so then do not connect them with your phone because it can get moisture inside your smartphones which can make trouble for them.

Check Before Charging

Before charging the wet or soaked device check that no part is left drenched.If the smartphone is wet or moist,then there is possibility of short circuits and phone may be get damage.Apart from this,you are also prone to electric shock.

Do Not Move The Device Much

If the water goes inside in any way in your phone,then do not make it too much to shake because doing this can make the water go deep inside in every parts of your phone and you unwittingly make the condition worse for your device.If needed,send your phone to any expert to repair it,don't try to soak or repair it yourself.


  • always try to avoid your phone coming in contact of water
  • don't try to dry it from dryer
  • don't try to dry it by sunlight
  • instantly switch off your phone
  • avoid to connect with other devices
  • don't use any function or button of the phone
  • avoid charging wet devices
  • don't move device too much
  • also protect from drenched accessories

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